Bilogix Provides Enterprise Performance Management Solutions

An experienced executive in the pharmaceutical industry, John Klein serves as the chairman of Cambridge Therapeutics in Alpine, NJ. In addition to leading Cambridge Therapeutics, John Klein directs Bilogix. The Alpine, NJ-based firm concentrates on enterprise performance management (EPM).

Growth-focused companies are continuously seeking to increase their business performance. EPM consultants provide such establishments with high-level analyses of their operational output and overall business-development strategy. Much of this information is translated into custom key performance indicators (KPIs) and delivered through easy-to-digest EPM dashboards or scorecards to inform tactical decisions. A KPI represents a measurable demonstration of an organization’s effectiveness in reaching core business goals for overall operations, as well as department-specific processes.

Through providing a business with an advanced EPM analysis, Bilogix helps enterprises articulate strategic objectives and assess their readiness to expand their capabilities and market reach. In addition, EPM management plans can enable a business to increase efficiency and meet financial targets.

Originally published on Medium at John Klein New Jersey on October 12, 2019.



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John H Klein

John Klein, New Jersey Founder, currently serves as the Founder & CEO at Bi-Logix. Visit John’s professional site for more information!